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I'm having some trouble posting to Twitter and Facebook using the SoundCloud API when uploading an audio file. I have preexisting connections setup for Twitter and Facebook that I configured from the SoundCloud website. I have verified that they are both active by using a GET request on "/me/connections".

I'm not sure what parameter to use in order to post to Social Networks. I have tried "post_to", "shared_to", "shared-to", and "share_to". The API at says to use "shared_to" but it isn't included in com.soundcloud.api.Params and I get an HTTP 422 unknown error when I manually enter the string. The iOS Sharing Guide at uses "post_to" and that's included in com.soundcloud.api.Params but when I use that it posts the audio file to SoundCloud but doesn't post any messages to Twitter and Facebook. Here's the code I am using:

HttpResponse httpResp = Api.wrapper.get(;

JSONArray jsonCons = new JSONArray(Http.getString(httpResp));
String[] cons = new String[jsonCons.length()];
JSONObject jsonTemp;
for(int i = 0; i < jsonCons.length(); i++) {
    jsonTemp = jsonCons.getJSONObject(i);
    cons[i] = Integer.toString(jsonTemp.getInt("id"));;

httpResp =
    .withFile(Params.Track.ASSET_DATA, file)
    .add(Params.Track.TITLE, file.getName())
    .add(Params.Track.SHARING, Params.Track.PUBLIC)
    .add(Params.Track.POST_TO, cons)
//  .add("track[shared_to][][id]", cons)
    .setProgressListener(new Request.TransferProgressListener() {
        public void transferred(long l) throws IOException {
            if (isCancelled()) throw new IOException("canceled");
            publishProgress(l, file.length());

In the SoundCloud profile, I can also set it to post automatically on new uploaded sounds and it will post to Twitter and Facebook as long as I don't include the param for "post_to" but I want to be able to control what and when I post. I would appreciate any help that you could provide.


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To clarify:

  • shared_to is for sharing to specific user ids / emails
  • post_to is for social networks

the add(String, Object) method on the wrapper unfortunately doesn't accept arrays/collections, so you have to add them like this:

httpResp =
  .add("track[shared_to][emails][][address]", "")
  .add("track[shared_to][emails][][address]", "")
  .add("track[shared_to][users][][id]",       "1")
  .add("track[shared_to][users][][id]",       "2")
  .add("track[post_to][][id]",                "3")
  .add("track[post_to][][id]",                "4")

I've fixed the wrapper (1), the next release will support collections/arrays in the "add" call, in the meantime you can use the snapshot version.

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Thank you for the prompt response. That fixed it for me but definitely was not clear in the SoundCloud API documentation. It says to use "shared_to" in the "Sharing Sounds to other Social Networks" section and doesn't list "post_to" in the documentation at all. – user2453771 Jun 5 '13 at 16:55

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