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Okay, I bet this question might have been asked dozens of times before, but at the end of the day, I am still confused.

I am working on a charting/plotting application. My application will also have WinForms controls.

Edit: Actually it's little bit more than a simple charting application. I need to plot hundreds of symbols on the plot. Additionally, the plot will be interactive, e.g., selecting, moving or editing the symbols, adding/editing text on the chart itself. WPF seems to be answer as far as the replies are concerned, but I am still skeptic whether it will scale well. Any second opinions?

My current options are:

  1. GdiPlus: Seems best, but does not supports hardware acceleration.
  2. WPF: Practically, its still too slow.
  3. SlimDX: Might be overkill
  4. Tao: Don't know much yet
  5. XNA: ditto

Since I plan to use Windows 7 features in my application, So this will be a blend of WinForms and custom graphics.

Any help or links comparing the above would be greatly appreciated.

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Of all those options, assuming you're discarding off-the-shelve control libraries for charting/graphing - WPF seems to be the easiest way to integrate any graphics with WinForms (if you can, why not go all the way and make everythingin WPF?).

Have you seen this famous WPF Graph Example here?

To give you an idea, I put something like 16 graphs on my desktop/laptop and it works very well. Also tried it out on embedded graphic cards (very small devices) and still I was able to render at a decent refresh rate up to 4 graphs simultaneously.

Before worrying about performance you really need to do some benchmarking on your spec.

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+1 for the comment about benchmarking before worrying about performance. I totally agree. – Simon P Stevens Nov 7 '09 at 13:35
Should also mention WPF 4 which will integrate features from Windows 7 – Peter Lillevold Nov 7 '09 at 19:39
+1 for link to online WPF Graph Example demo. That was cool! I especially liked being able to just click on the link and immediately see it run using ClickOnce (no download, no install). I ran about 20 instances of this application simultaneously before I saw a noticeable slowdown. – Ray Burns Nov 7 '09 at 20:13
@Ray Burns - that graph example is very useful as a benchmarking tool! – JohnIdol Nov 7 '09 at 21:16
WPF has speed issues with > 5000 objects in a 3D environment. So depending on requirements WPF might not be an option. – Cameron MacFarland Nov 9 '09 at 4:31

Another one that might be worth checking out is the MS Chart controls.

There are also some Samples and screenshots here

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I'd recommend SlimDX. We have used it in WinForms and WPF charts.

  • GDI+: extremely slow
  • WPF: slow
  • SlimDX: superb. Can be combined with WPF too but is quite complex.
  • XNA: suberb, but limited
  • TAO: should be great too, at least what my colleague just said.
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