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I'm looking for a function that would tell me the current object and method by way of the URI. Normally, I would use $this->uri->uri_string(), however, I do not want to pass any "dynamic" segments. For example, a URI of 'products/shoes/123', would be 'products/view_product'.

I want to be able to do this so I can create a config file containing page titles... since I use a model to output my page header. It is called from MY_Controller.php in the construct. For example: $this->template->overall_header($title = "View Product")...

but in the construct, it would be:

$this->template->overall_header($title = $this->config->item($object_method_string));

Anybody have any solutions? Thanks for your time.

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what do you mean by object here...the parameter passed in method????? – Nishant Lad Jun 5 '13 at 5:30

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To expand on Nishant's answer you can access the attributes from the router class.

So for current object;


And for current method;

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for current method $method= $this->router->fetch_method();

I hope you are talking about this

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