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I'm new to Angular...

I created an application with some routes defined:

app = angular.module("LgiClient", ['ngCookies', 'buildings','ngResource']).config(['$routeProvider', '$locationProvider' ,
($routeProvider, $locationProvider) ->
  $locationProvider.html5Mode true
    controller: "RaffleCtrl"
    templateUrl: "<%= asset_path('raffle/index.html') %>"
    controller: BuildingsIndexCtrl
    templateUrl: '<%= asset_path("buildings/index.html") %>'
    controller: BuildingsCreateCtrl
    templateUrl: '<%= asset_path("buildings/new.html") %>'
    controller: BuildingsShowCtrl
    templateUrl: '<%= asset_path("buildings/show.html") %>'
    controller: BuildingsEditCtrl
    templateUrl: '<%= asset_path("buildings/edit.html") %>'
  ).otherwise redirectTo: "/"

When I follow this route "/buildings/:id/edit", it goes to this template:

<form name="editBuilding">
      Edit Building
      <div ng-include src="'buildings/form.html'"></div>
    <div class="form-actions">
      <button class="btn btn-success" ng-click="save()"
        ng-disabled="isClean() || editBuilding.$invalid">
      <button ng-click="destroy()"
              class="btn btn-danger">
              <i class="icon-trash"></i>Delete
      <a href="/buildings" class="btn">
        Back to buildings

The ng-include directive reffers to another file located in the same directory.

When I run this page though, it doesn't work. The ng-include doesn't find the include because it issues the wrong request:

instead of"

How can I fix this?


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