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I am trying to adjust the opacity of the centre slide in a carousel of three (to emulate this site http://www.tyinarchitects.com/) in a responsive slider using bxSlider, but cannot get the syntax right.

When I use $slideElement.addClass('active-slide'); the effect happens, just on the wrong slides, so while my basic idea works I need to reference the slide using oldIndex and NewIndex rather than $slideElement.

I tried various permutations of:-


And they all just clog up the works so my JS syntax is obviously not right. Can anyone take pity on me?

The complete working code is

    slideWidth: 300,
    minSlides: 3,
    maxSlides: 3,
    moveSlides: 1,
    slideMargin: 0,
    pager: false,
    auto: true,
    onSlideBefore: function($slideElement, oldIndex, newIndex){
    onSlideAfter: function($slideElement, oldIndex, newIndex){
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