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Recently I began working with the Boost::Asio library (C++). I'm looking for a way to send a TCP SYN message to a end destination. However I can't find any way of doing this, does somebody knows a way to accomplish it?

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The TCP stack usually deals with this, not your code. If you just call boost::asio::ip::tcp::socket::connect() on an appropriately constructed instance, you will cause a TCP SYN packet to be sent, along with the rest of the TCP handshake and session handling.


If you want to implement TCP yourself you will need to deal with more than just a TCP SYN, otherwise you're just writing code to attack systems with half-open connections. You need a raw socket and you need to construct the contents of the packet yourself. If you are doing this you should be able to RTFM to find out more.

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It goes indeed about a half-open connection, first I want to look at how I can send a TCP SYN message and then look what the response is when the TTL is 0. – compu92 Jun 5 '13 at 7:19

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