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Hi, I have the following JSON:

    {"id":"1","question":"Whats is your name ?","type":"Text","source":"-","default":"-","control":"-","requestDate":"Yes","required":"Yes"},
    {"id":"2","question":"What is your Age ?","type":"Text","source":"-","default":"-","control":"-","requestDate":"No","required":"No"},
    {"id":"3","question":"What is your interest?","type":"Text","source":"-","default":"-","control":"-","requestDate":"Yes","required":"No"},
    {"id":"4","question":"What is your qualification?","type":"Text","source":"-","default":"-","control":"-","requestDate":"Yes","required":"Yes"},
    {"id":"5","question":"What is your Nic ?","type":"Text","source":"-","default":"-","control":"-","requestDate":"Yes","required":"No"}

now I have to fetch the data from json whose id is provided during fetching, I want to fetch the data by id parameter. for example the fetch result provide that json object

{"id":"1","question":"Whats is your name ?","type":"Text","source":"-","default":"-","control":"-","requestDate":"Yes","required":"Yes"}

if I provide the id=1 in collection.fetch event.. any method ?

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3 Answers 3

If I understand your question correctly, you're looking for:

collection.fetch({ data: $.param({ id: 1}) });

You'll have to add some code server side too.

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If you have that JSON in Backbone Collection. You can get specific Model by passing in an id, cid or Model object. In your case

 myModel = collection.get(1);

where collection should be whatever your collection instance is

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If you have all the json data already, and want to filter it to just the one matching record, you can use findWhere:

myModel = collection.findWhere({id: 1});
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