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I installed a company specific program which can connect to a SQL Server. I installed SQL Server 2008 Express with mixed authentication. I called the instance SQLExpress.

What I want to do is to create a new database via the program. (see image). In point 5 I tried many logins like sa-login, MyComputerName\User-Password, User-Pass, but nothing works. In point 6 I used for the server name SQLExpress or MyComputerName\SQLExpress and for the (new) database name I used MyDB, but same thing here. Can't connect.

It keeps saying:

cannot create database master.MyDB. SQL Server doesn't exist or access denied.

Can anyone help me please?



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I figured it out.

I've created a user in SQL Server and added him to the "sysadmin" role and gave him access to the "master" database. After that I added an inbound rule (allow port 1433) to my Windows Firewall to allow remote connections to the SQL Server.


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