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I would like to split a String by " | " in Java. I found split method of String class and it expects a regex expression for split delimeter but I don't know how to form a regex expression for " | ".

For example, a string is "AA | BB | CC" and I would like to get only AA, BB and CC as a string array.

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String string = "AA|BB|CC";
String[] arr = string.split("\\|");
for (String s : arr) {

The above code prints:

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Use a regular expression for that, but the | char is a special char so you must scape it.

"AA | BB | CC".split("\\s*\\|\\s*");

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It is string.split("\\|") (pipe must be escaped).

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| is a special character in a regexp so you have to escape it.

Try: string.split("\\|")

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The regular expression passed to the split method should be: \\|.

String text = "AA | BB | CC";
text.split("\\|")); // [AA ,  BB ,  CC]

If you want to get rid of the spaces then:

text.split("\\s*\\|\\s*")); // [AA, BB, CC]
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| is an keyword in RegEX.

String.split() takes RegEx as argument. You have to escape it. You can do this.

string.split(" \\| ");
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string.split("\\|") does the work.

  • split() splits the string according to regex
  • \ is needed to escape the regex' meaning of the pipe as "or"
  • second back slash is need to escape the first back slash for java compiler.
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