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is there a way to make the $broadcast propagate the variable to the $on during initialization phase?

<div ng-app='test'>
    <div ng-controller='testCtrl'> <span>{{testContent}}</span> 
    <div ng-controller="testCtrl2">
        <input type='text' ng-change="updateContent()" ng-model="testContent2" />


var app = angular.module('test', []);
app.factory('sharedContent', function ($rootScope) {
    var standardContent;
    var resizeProportion;
    return {
        setStandardContent: function (newStandardContent) {
            standardContent = newStandardContent;
        getStandardContent: function () {
            return standardContent;
        setResizeProportion: function (newResizeProportion) {
app.run(function (sharedContent) {

function testCtrl($scope, sharedContent) {
    $scope.$on('updateContent', function () {
        $scope.testContent = sharedContent.getStandardContent();

function testCtrl2($scope, sharedContent) {
    $scope.testContent2 = 'test';
    $scope.updateContent = function () {

Sample fiddle : http://jsfiddle.net/jiaming/NsVPe/

The span will display the value as the input changes, which is due to the ng-change function.

However, at initialization phase, the value "haha" was not propagated to the $scope.testContent and thus, nothing was shown at first runtime. Is there a way to make the value "haha" appear at the first runtime?

Thank you.

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The reason for this is that the ng-change triggers upon subsequent changes to the model identified by testContent2. When the controller initializes, the value "test" is assigned to it. ng-change then keeps a track of subsequent changes - the initial assignment does not qualify for this, only subsequent changes do.

http://jsfiddle.net/vZwy4/ - I updated the fiddle provided by you. Here you can see that the span tag is correctly populated with the data.

What you needed to do was instead of using ng-change, you should use the scope's $watch functionality. So remove the ng-change directive from the input box and remove the updateContent method. Instead, replace it with the following code wherein you watch the changes to the testContent2 model:

$scope.$watch('testContent2', function () {
    if ($scope.testContent2 === undefined || $scope.testContent2 === null) {



You can now see that the word "test" (I could not find anything to do with 'haha') appears the moment the page loads. Subsequent changes to the input are also updated in the span. Hope this is what you were looking for.

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Hi, i am actually looking for a way to initialize the span to the text "haha" at the first runtime of the application. I think the problem is that when the sharedContent.setStandardContent('haha') is called in app.run function, the controllers have not been created yet. And thus, the string 'haha' is not been populated to the span at first runtime. Is there any other method i could call to ensure that the string 'haha' is being populated to the span at first runtime? –  jiaming Jun 6 '13 at 7:56
@jiaming Why don't you set the value to "haha" inside TestCtrl2 itself instead of setting it to "test"? –  callmekatootie Jun 6 '13 at 10:10

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