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I have a plugin that i want to integrate with my Eclipse IDE . The plugin I downloaded from the internet consists of two jar files, namely:


How do i get them into my IDE? I tried putting them in the Eclipse dropins folder, but i think this may be incorrect .

Can someone help ?

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The definitely belong in the eclipse/plugins folder. You will likely need to restart eclipse as well.

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Yes i have restarted the eclipse but these plugins dont seem to have any effect :( I am not sure how to re-create a plugin from just 2 jar files . I feel a bit lost here . –  rockstar Jun 6 '13 at 3:21
if you are using Eclipse 3.4 or later, you should not add plugins (using file system operations) to the plugins directory, instead they belong in the dropins folder. –  cmd Nov 28 '13 at 5:47

Placing the plugin in the dropins directory is correct! It does not belong in the plugins directory. Ever since p2 was added to Eclipse, the dropins directory was introduced as a means to install new plugins via general file system operations

The dropins folder is configured to be scanned during startup. Thus the dropins folder can be used    
much like the plugins directory was used in the past. 

Here is some information about the dropins folder. This also includes valid layouts for a plugin that lives in dropins. Have a look. It's very likely you just need to 'layout' the plugin properly.

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