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I'm stucked on one problem. I'm having piece of code like this:

ITest test= ObtainObject(); //ObtainObjectimplementation omitted
Type type = test.GetType();
MethodInfo method = type.GetMethod("Display");
method.Invoke(test, new object[] {"hi"});

interface ITest {
    Display(String msg);

class Test : ITest 
    public void Display(String msg) 

The problem is that when I replace

method.Invoke(test, new object[] {"hi"});



everything, including aspect, works fine. The test is an proxy object and if I call the invoke on that proxy it throws me

TargetException: Object does not match target type

The issue is I need to use reflection, has any of you ever faced such a problem? Thanks for advices

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Why the Display method in the interface doesn't have any return type defined? I think that shouldn't even compile in the first place.

You should also consider showing the ObtainObject code, so we can know exactly how are you getting the interface. Other than that, I think I can't do very much.

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Display method is void type - I just wrote it here incorrectly... The ObtainObject does something like this: ITest ObtainObject() {return Program.UnityContainer.Resolve<ITest>(); } – Simeon Kredatus Jun 13 '13 at 14:57
and from unity context it obtains proxy object - thats good, but when I try to call method on that aspect using reflection it doesn't work... – Simeon Kredatus Jun 13 '13 at 14:59
I just tested your code and it seems to run OK, the only thing I can think of now is that you may be casting your class to the interface in a wrong way. Here is my code: – Leandro Battochio Jun 14 '13 at 12:33

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