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Is there a way to Copy my Code form Netbeans 7.3 formated and colored into my Word document? I tried NP++ but this isnt the Same color code as in my base IDE, and searched some Plugins but there was no for Netbeans 7.3.

I tried this one here formatted-text-copy, but there was a error while tried to install it.

Is there a way to fix this or to go a different way?

thanks in advance

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2 Answers

In Notepad++ you can edit styles for all of the languages in Settings -> Style Configurator..., select Java and change the colors for your need. You can view the current colors in Netbeans in Tools -> Options -> Fonts & Colors, select Java and you will see the colors for each elements.

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Try: Netbeans RTF Copy plugin.

You need to manually install it, and its not perfect (variables highlight as green in the IDE aren't green in the RTF copy for example) - but it does a reasonable job and is fine for simple use cases - such as copying highlighted text into emails/blogs simply and quickly.

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