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my printer is Zebra ZM400 label printer and it's connected to one of the pc (connected with USB) in the network.

I want to send the command to the label printer from my pc via network and print label.

How to connect that printer from network and print label from java application?

I know I've to use ZPL langauage but I don't know how to make connection and send command to label printer.

Is it possible? I surfed in the google but i can't find any sample code yet.


I used norbi771's method.. but when it sent the command, just blank come out..

my label's dimension is 3.25" x 3.75"..

This is my sample code for label .. but nothing comes out..

public class TestLabelPrinter {

     * @param args
    public static void printLabel(String label, String company, String docDate)  {
        try {
            FileOutputStream os = new FileOutputStream("\\\\\\zd");
            PrintStream ps = new PrintStream(os); 
            String commands = "^XA" +
                              "^LH30,30" +
                              "^F020,10^AD^FDZEBRA^FS" + 
                              "F020,60^B3^FDAAA001^FS" + 

        } catch (Exception e) {
            // TODO: handle exception


    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        printLabel("label 12345", "Company name", "2013-05-10 12:45");
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You have found the print API yet? –  Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Jun 5 '13 at 9:30
@ThorbjørnRavnAndersen, they provide api ? I haven't found yet. API support for ZM400(300 dpi) ? –  Raymond Jun 5 '13 at 9:54

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Maybe not the best answer, but I recently did it like that. I connected the printer to the PC with Windows. Then I shared the printer. Then this shared printer I mapped into LPT1 via simple command (all of this can be done one one PC):

net use \\pcname\sharedprinter LPT1:

Since now this LPT1 port is aka file you can write to. Now I simply write data to that file in JAVA and it is working fine. I know it is not very elegant, but works for me and lets me use one label printer shared between a few PCs

    public class EplPrint1 {
            private final String port;
            public EplPrint1(String port) {
                    this.port = port;
            public void printLabel(String label, String company, String docDate) throws FileNotFoundException {
                    FileOutputStream os = new FileOutputStream(port);
                    PrintStream ps = new PrintStream(os);
                    String commands = "N\n"
                            +  "A1,1,0,1,1,1,N,\""+asciiNormalize(company)+"\"\n"
                            + "A1,20,0,1,1,1,N,\""+asciiNormalize("Entry date")+": " + docDate+"\"\n"
                            + "B1,40,0,1,3,2,80,B,\""+label+"\"\n"
                            + "P1,1\n";     


            public static void main(String[] argv) throws FileNotFoundException {
                    //EplPrint1 p = new EplPrint1("d:\\tmp\\eplcommands.txt");
                    EplPrint1 p = new EplPrint1("LPT1");
                    p.printLabel("label 12345", "Company name", "2013-05-10 12:45");

The example provided is for EPL printing, but ZPL should work the same way.

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my printer is connected with USB.. so do i need to do anything?? in your code port is which port? sorry, i am just starter... –  Raymond Jun 5 '13 at 10:32
just updated the code, so you can see the constructor, which let you select the port, which is LPT1 –  norbi771 Jun 5 '13 at 10:46
Your printer is USB, just like mine. My windows machine name is nne6400. I installed the printer and its windows name is ZDesigner GK420t. Then I shared the printer on my PC. The share is given the name ZEBRA. Now on my PC I open the command line and simply write: net use \\nne6400\ZEBRA LPT1 –  norbi771 Jun 5 '13 at 10:49
You can also try to use that article stackoverflow.com/questions/4442122/… (the answer marked as solution). The idea is more/less the same. You skip the driver and write directly to the printer. Then for printing you can benefit from stackoverflow.com/questions/1097346/… –  norbi771 Jun 5 '13 at 10:57
You could also skip mapping the printer and as LPT1 and use directly the shared printer, e.g. EplPrint1 p = new EplPrint1("\\nne6400\ZEBRA"); instead of LPT1. –  norbi771 Jun 5 '13 at 11:17

Zebra does provide a Java API at www.zebra.com/link. It doesn't claim to support the ZM400, but it's worth looking into for 20 minutes. I'd be surprised if it didn't support that model since all of the supported printers speak ZPL.

For your ZPL, you are missing a caret ^ before the fourth line, right before the FO20,60. Also, you are using font 'D' (as indicated by the command ^AD). You should consider changing that to '0' (as in ^A0) to use the default printer font at first. You can read the ZPL manual here: https://support.zebra.com/cpws/docs/zpl/zpl_manual.pdf. Here is a quick hello world example:

^FD Hello World ^FS
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thanks for your help.. i got the answer now.. :) –  Raymond Jun 6 '13 at 14:41

Keep in mind that according to Zebras website, ZM400 runs firmware which either supports ZPL or EPL but not both at the same time.


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For people who need some help to generate zpl directly on java, I make utils library.


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You can simply print ZPL labels with javax.print. Don't matter if it's connected over USB or network.


Lookup your printer by the name, set DocFlavor to AUTOSENSE, put your ZPL-Label into the SimpleDoc and print the job.

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