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I am trying to install frama-c in cygwin and get the following errors but I can't interpret them. Can you help me interpreting them or give me a link to where I get the information?

Preparing    Wp-Coq Sources
Uncaught exception: Util.UserError("_", _)
Makefile:49: recipe for target `depend' failed
make[1]: *** [depend] Error 2
src/wp/Makefile:285: recipe for target `.make-wpcoqs' failed
make: *** [.make-wpcoqs] Error 2

note that coqc and ocaml are both the latest version

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Are you using Coq 8.4 by any chance? I had something very similar happen to me, and my issue was the lack of the option -coqlib <your Coq installation directory> when Coq is not installed in the standard directory in the PATH. There used to be a specific error message in Coq 8.3, but it seems to have disappeared in Coq 8.4.

If you can find the line in the Makefile which runs the coqdep command, and replace it with something like coqdep -coqlib ~/coq84pl1 (replacing ~/coq84pl1 with your Coq installation directory), it could work. But you would also need to add this flag to other Coq-related commands as well (coqc, for instance) or other issues might come up later.

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