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I am creating a REST API using play framework. I want to use lazy loading ( finder.ref(id) or Ebean.getReference(id) ) to see if an enity with a specific id exists in database. If it doesn't exist, I will return a 404.

If I try to delete using an id that doesn't exist, an OptimisticLockException is thrown. But that doesn't seem like a valid basis to see if an entity exists.

Is it possible to check if an entity exists by an id using lazy loading? I can always do finder.byId(id) and that can get me what I want. But I want to do this efficiently.


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You can just count items with specified id, while your id is unique, it will return 1 if item exists and 0 if it doesn't, so you can easily make a condition:

boolean itemExists 
        = (YourModel.find.where().eq("id", id).findRowCount() == 1) ? true : false;"Item " + ((itemExists) ? "exists" : "not found!"));

On the other hand if your intension is returning existing entity for an example in Json, you don't need to make separate checking, just check if it's not null...

YourModel entity = YourModel.find.byId(id);
if (entity == null) return notFound("No such record");

// .. rest of code for preparing API...


About costs: find.byId(id) tries to fetch whole entity, while find.ref(id) gets only reference. Unfortunately you can't determine if object exists by ref(id) as it's always not null, therefore IMHO counting elements by id is cheaper than selecting even single field to check if Db returns the entity.

Actually find.byId(id) is most expensive option as it loads whole entity, for well optimized APIs it's usually better to write dedicated methods using Ebean's select() and fetch(), like:

YourModel e ="id, name, age").where().eq("id", id).findUnique();


List<YourModel> le ="id, name, age").where().eq("id", id).findList();
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I wanted to see if there was a way to do this using lazy loading, by getting the reference rather than the entire object. Maybe I am trying to make unnecessary optimizations. I am not even sure what is the cost of calling (find.ref(id) vs find.byId(id)). – user724535 Jun 5 '13 at 14:31
I guess the 1st option would work. I am using this to delete, so I don't need json. Just want to know that the item existed and it has been deleted. – user724535 Jun 5 '13 at 14:33

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