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EDIT: The below installation activity has been tried out in elevated mode (Run as Administrator).

When I am trying to install Microsoft GP 2010 on Windows Server 2012 VM ,I am getting the following error

Component Dexterity Shared Components 11.0 has failed to install with the following error message: "Fatal error during installation. "

The following components were successfully installed: - .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

The following components were not installed: - Microsoft Application Error Reporting 11.0 - Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0 - Open XML SDK 2.0 for Microsoft Office

The following components failed to install: - Dexterity Shared Components 11.0

See the setup log file located at 'C:\Users\IRMSAD~1\AppData\Local\Temp\VSD666C.tmp\install.log' for more information.

I have read one article as shown in the below link http://blog.technotesdesk.com/microsoft-dynamics-gp-10-0-%E2%80%94-dexterity-shared-component-10-%E2%80%94-error/

After reading the article I am not finding the respective frameworks to uninstall as my OS is Win-Server-2012 (wherein the .NET-framework comes in as "bundled"). So the above link, although it suggests a solution, does NOT seem to be helping me. Any of you guys has a solution for it or atleast a direct-pointer would be helpful. Please help me as this is my priority task.

Thanks in advance

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Did you run the installation in elevated mode? (Run as Administrator)

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Disable User account control and Run the installation as an administrator. If that doesn't work you may need to copy the installation files to the local workstation.

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