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When using the Google closure compiler to try and compile a load of closure dependencies taken from their editor demo (no external code) using calcdeps.py I get the following error when then running the compiler on the produced code (which runs fine):

 {SyntheticVarsDeclar}: ERROR - Variable COMPILED first declared in {SyntheticVarsDeclar}

The variable COMPILED is only used in 2 places within the file that calculated dependencies produces and isn't declared anywhere in there. The only place I see it declared is in base.js.

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Could you provide the 2 lines where COMPILED is used/declard? –  Maiku Mori Nov 10 '09 at 3:00

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This used to be a bug in the closure compiler. Apparently it has already been fixed. You should download a current version of the closure compiler.

There is a closed bug report for this issue in the closure-compiler issue tracker.

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Try declaring it at the start and use this tag like this:

* @define {boolean} Overridden to true by the compiler when --closure_pass
*                   or --mark_as_compiled is specified.
var COMPILED = false;

I'm almost sure that it will fix the problem, in fact I even think that you don't need the tag. Also try downloading latest compiler or compile it from svn because there was suspiciously similar bug reported earlier and it got fixed.

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