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I want to notify when the size of textarea changes, what event happens at that time, how can I detect it?

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You can use library agnostic JavaScript (assuming you're not using jQuery or are using another library) by doing:

<textarea id="t"></textarea>
    var t = document.getElementById('t'),
        tHeight = t.clientHeight,
        tWidth = t.clientWidth;


    t.onmouseup = function (e) {
        if (tHeight !== t.clientHeight || tWidth !== t.clientWidth ) { 
            console.log('size change');
            tHeight = t.clientHeight;
            tWidth = t.clientWidth;

I've included a console log of the element so you can see which events you can tap into in your inspector.

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But if the size of textarea automatically changes(for example like facebook comment textarea) I cant detect, any idea? –  ehsandotnet Jun 5 '13 at 11:31
those types of changes are done by JavaScript so there should be an event firing that you can add to but if you're not able to amend that you can set an interval to check the height –  graham Jun 5 '13 at 11:37

Here is a small example using pure (without jQuery etc. dependencies) Javascript.

It's using mouseup and keyup handlers and an optional intervall to detect changes.

var detectResize = (function() {

  function detectResize(id, intervall, callback) {
    this.id = id;
    this.el = document.getElementById(this.id);
    this.callback = callback || function(){};

    if (this.el) {
      var self = this;
      this.width = this.el.clientWidth;
      this.height = this.el.clientHeight;

      this.el.addEventListener('mouseup', function() {

      this.el.addEventListener('keyup', function() {

      if(intervall) setInterval(function() {
      }, intervall);

    return null;

  detectResize.prototype.detectResize = function() {
      if (this.width != this.el.clientWidth || this.height != this.el.clientHeight) {
        this.width = this.el.clientWidth;
        this.height = this.el.clientHeight;

  return detectResize;


Usage: new detectResize(element-id, intervall in ms or 0, callback function)


<textarea id="mytextarea"></textarea>
<script type="text/javascript">
var mytextarea = new detectResize('mytextarea', 500, function() {

See it in action on jsfiddle.net/pyaNS.

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Try this Demo.


   var $textareas = jQuery('textarea');

   // set init (default) state   
   $textareas.data('x', $textareas.outerWidth());
   $textareas.data('y', $textareas.outerHeight()); 


      var $this = jQuery(this);

      if (  $this.outerWidth()  != $this.data('x') 
         || $this.outerHeight() != $this.data('y') )
          alert( $this.outerWidth()  + ' - ' + $this.data('x') + '\n' 
               + $this.outerHeight() + ' - ' + $this.data('y')

      // set new height/width
      $this.data('x', $this.outerWidth());
      $this.data('y', $this.outerHeight()); 


Cannot make it in pure javascript we must use jQuery

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