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Okay so I have installed virtualenv and with tha I have got my pip installed. Then, I have installed virtualenvwrapper using sudo pip install virtualenvwrapper, and also have set up my $WORKON_HOME variable and settings.

Now I have a doubt, if I switch to some random directory say cd ~/Code/Django/ and create an env there using virtualenv env1 who will handle it, I mean, can I use virtualenvwrapper with it and why does it not show up when I do workon, only the environments in the ~/.virtualenvs/ show up.!

And would this new environment be as secure as the one created by the virtualenvwrapper???

Please tell me if I am wrong somewhere!!

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workon gets list of virtual environments from WORKON_HOME environment variable, that points to ~/.virtualenvs in your case (default).

Quote from docs:

The variable WORKON_HOME tells virtualenvwrapper where to place your virtual environments. The default is $HOME/.virtualenvs. If the directory does not exist when virtualenvwrapper is loaded, it will be created automatically.

Hope that helps.

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But what if I create another project with the help of virtualenv and not virtualenvwrapper ??? I meant can I also make a soft link to that in the WORKON_HOME directory to work.?? –  Brut3e Jun 12 '13 at 13:15
Yes, if you create virtual environment via virtualenv you can make a link to it via ln -s from WORKON_HOME directory and it will work. –  alecxe Jun 13 '13 at 18:43

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