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Is it possible to open the windows phone (8) keypad (with the call and save button), from within my app?

I already have the phonecalltask, but this isn't what im looking for, or maybe if it is possible manipulate the phonecalltask someway. I basically want to show a dialer where the user can enter a number and call it, instead of opening the contact list using phonecalltask


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i don't know about the call and save button, but you could have an textbox with InputScope set to TelephoneNumber.

Then on the LostFocus event for that TextBox you could call the PhoneCallTask

 var phoneTask = new PhoneCallTask
                DisplayName = "Name",
                PhoneNumber = txtBoxPhone.Text.ToString()


so you end up with number input after which u get a prompt asking wether you want to dial the number or not.

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