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I don't know wheres my mistake. It always jumps to the else branch, but the key exist, I checked it several times.

  reg : TRegistry;
    with TRegistry.Create do try
      OpenKey('\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run', False);
    if KeyExists('nginx.exe') then begin
      ShowMessage('Ja geht ist da');
      Result := True;
      btnAutostart.ImageIndex := 5
    else begin
      Result := False;
      btnAutostart.ImageIndex := 0;
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You need to call ValueExists rather than KeyExists. A key is what appears as a folder in Regedit but you are looking for a value named nginx.exe in the key HKCU\Software\...\Run.

Some other comments:

  1. Since you are only reading from the registry, use OpenKeyReadOnly rather than OpenKey.
  2. Check the return value of OpenKeyReadOnly in case the key cannot be opened.
  3. If you actually need to do this with HKLM (as you state in a comment), watch out for registry redirection confusion when running 32 bit process on 64 bit system.
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Thanks for this fast answer. Now its working. But it didnt worked because an other mistake. i used current user not HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE like in the other procedure for writing the autostart <.< –  Hidden Jun 5 '13 at 11:22

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