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SELECT table1.* , table2.Value 
FROM table1  
INNER JOIN  table2 
ON = 
WHERE table2.Label = "Currency"

This is the query. I need to return the values even if Label = currency does not exists. i.e., I need to return all rows of table1 with unique id. If table2 has currency then the currency value should be taken else empty value should return.

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Try using OUTER JOIN like this:

SELECT table1.* , table2.Value 
FROM table1 
LEFT JOIN table2 
ON = 
AND table2.Label = "Currency"
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Thanks @Aziz Shaikh . I should not have used where at table2.Label = "Currency". It worked – arul Jul 5 '13 at 6:58

It sounds like you want something along these lines.

SELECT table1.* , table2.Value 
FROM table1 
left join table2 on =

I'm assuming that table2.value is the currency value you're talking about.

Edit your question, and paste CREATE TABLE statements for more and better answers.

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try this

SELECT table1.* , table2.Value FROM table1 left outer join table2 on = where table2.Label = "Currency" 
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