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I was told that I need to have terms and conditions or disclaimer for my program that the user needs to accept before they can install it, is this true? And are there any places online that you may use to get them?

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The terms and conditions that apply to your software are set by you. If you feel that there needn't be any terms and conditions governing the use of your software then, then there is no need to have any.

However, without any T&Cs you will be putting yourself in a poor legal position to defend against any copyright or usage infringement.

Using a T&C template, or another company's T&Cs, is also a bad idea as however legal and binding it is, you will not personally completely understand what people can and cannot do with your software, which is not the best position to be in.

T&Cs do not have to be written in "legal language". Just simply make a list of what people can and cannnot do with your software - this is as legally binding as anything else.

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The main reason for this is to limit your liability in case your program (although I'm sure it's bug-free) goes crazy and starts killing kittens ... or corrupting your users' data.

It also gives you a chance to clearly spell out your licensing terms... This informs the user of their rights to use and possibly redistribute the software.

It's a good idea to have one... There are quite a few examples out there. As mentioned, use Google to find "software EULA template". Or, if you don't want all the legal-speak, just write one up. If you are concerned about liability, have it reviewed by a lawyer.

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