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Anyone knows of an open source DWG (autocad drawing) library in C#?

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The major hurdle with the DWG format is that the binary format changes every 3 years - and it is due to change again in March 2009. It is encrypted and the specifications for it are not made public. It is a massively complicated library with many dark alleys unknown to even AutoDesk (they acquired it years ago).

Not open source but the Open Design Alliance ... (from their Web site)...

is a non-profit membership-based consortium of software companies, developers and users committed to promoting the open exchange of CAD data now and in the future. In addition to setting standards for CAD data formats, the ODA also focuses on the practical matter of developing software libraries of exceptional quality that enable ODA members to develop applications capable of reading and writing the popular DWG and DGN CAD file formats.

Cost depends on what you are using the libraries for but the base-level cost for a developer is U$100/year with a U$250 joining fee. Compare that to AutoDesk's RealDWG at $2500/year and $5000 for the 1st year then it's a bargain. The RealDWG licence is per product, by the way. The ODA licenses are a bit more reasonable and also allow you to make more than 1 product on the same license. you can pay for the source code but it costs a bomb - less than developing it yourself though

If you only have 1 product then perhaps RealDWG will suit you but it's Windows only - bonus, it has a .NET API which the ODA are still working on. The ODA products are compiled for a number of operating systems, including Windows (32-bit), SGI, Solaris, Windows (64-bit), Macintosh, HP, Windows CE, Linux, IBM AIX.

I any case that's a massive wheel to reinvent so it's definitely worth paying for one that already turns.

Some 3rd-party libraries exist out there with limited specific API functionality to try searching for those if your needs are very specific.

It is also worth noting that AutoDesk has been in more-or-less continuous litigation with the ODA for years now. If you decide to compete with them then that's another complexity you have to look forward to.

I am also developing a product that talks to DWG files. I'm going the commercial route because the time, expense and hassle involved is utterly uneconomical for me.

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The ODA are slowly introducing a .NET version of DWGdirect. You'd be a brace (wo)man to use it in production in the near future – CAD bloke Mar 6 '09 at 10:16
brace = brave. The ODA's .NET version is alive & well and in production. – CAD bloke Oct 13 '09 at 20:32
The ODA's .NET API is alive & kicking. I find they are much more responsive to bug reports etc than the "official" alternative – CAD bloke Feb 24 '11 at 21:09
Yes, it supports nearly all of the AutoCAD feature set. The only things missing are really fancy functions from the very latest versions, afaik. It has always had everything I want. – CAD bloke Feb 2 '12 at 18:40
Nor sure about Teigha & ObjectARX. You'd best look at their site for that info – CAD bloke Feb 7 '12 at 0:40

There are no open source solutions, there are a few commercial ones, amongst which a .NET component named CadLib provided by Wout Ware:

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The easiest route is to convert dwg to dxf ascii, it is fairly simple to query ascii dxf.

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If you go down the dxf route I would suggest netDXF . it's open source and worked well for my limited requirements though it is missing multi-line text support and the author says there are some other things he wont support because they're proprietary to autodesk.

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There was at one time an effort to port Art Haas's .dwg parser (from the pythoncad project) to c#. I can't seem to find the link ATM, but it was a few years ago. Creating an open source cross-platform .dwg library is at the top of my list for VectorSection, so let me know what you find out!

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did anyone try cadsofttools CAD Import?

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The only open source one I know of is LibreDwg and I don't think it is completed. It never really got very far.

I do know of one that is practically free, its called the Ivan CAD Library 2012 and its located at

It might serve your needs very well.

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