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I am new to Ocaml and want help with recursive function defined on a recursive data type. I have defined a data type as follows

    type 'a slist = S of 'a sexp list
    'a sexp = Symbol of 'a | L of 'a slist

The function(subst) I'm writing checks for a symbol a in the defined slist and substitutes it by b. For ex subst 1 10 S[ 1; 4; S[L[3; 1;]; 3];] returns S[10; 4; S[L[S[3; 10;]]; 3;] . My code is as follows

    let rec subst a b sl = match sl with
    S s -> match s with
          [] -> []
          | p :: q -> match p with
                Symbol sym -> if sym = a then S[b] :: (**subst** a b S[q]) else
                                 S[p] :: (subst a b S[q])
                L l -> (subst a b l) :: (subst a b S[q])
    | L lis -> subst a b lis;;

I am getting the error :

This function is applied to too many arguments; Maybe you forgot a ';'

Please help

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your code doesn't compile, it contains an unclosed comment and a syntax error on the third match – Thomash Jun 5 '13 at 12:09
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Your type can be defined in a simpler way, you don't need slist:

type 'a sexp = Symbol of 'a | L of 'a sexp list

Your problem is that subst a b S[q] is read as subst a b S [q], that is the function subst applied to 4 arguments. You must write subst a b (S[q]) instead.

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Got it, thanks!! – user2352241 Jun 5 '13 at 14:21

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