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I am writing an application in Ruby on Elastic Beanstalk in which I download a file from a remote server and write it to an object in a bucket.

require 'open-uri'
s3 = AWS::S3.new
bucket = s3.buckets['mybucket']
f = open(params[:url]) #using open-uri
obj = bucket.objects[params[:key]]
obj.write[f] #<< fails here

The last line, however, fails with the following exception in the log:

:data must be provided as a String, Pathname, File, or an object that responds to #read and #eof?

I know, however, from executing the same #open on my machine, that f is a StringIO object, which does have #read and #eof?.

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I was getting same error during zip file upload on S3 and finally this worked for me:

zip_data = File.read(zip_file_path)

means, zip_data will be the object at the zip file path that is located in your tmp directory.

Hope, this will work for you also.

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