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I can add dynamic input field in my form:

                    <h:dataTable id="tblFields" value="#{templateOptionBean.fields}"
                            <h:inputText value="#{field.value}" />

                            <h:commandButton value="Remove">
                                    immediate="true" render="@form" />

                    <h:commandButton value="Add">
                        <f:ajax listener="#{templateOptionBean.onButtonAddFieldClick}"
                            execute="@form" render="tblFields" />

my backend looks like that:

public class TemplateOptions implements Serializable
    private List<Field> m_lFields;

    public TemplateOptions()
        m_lFields = new ArrayList();

        m_lFields.add(new Field());

    public void setFields(List<Field> p_lFields)
        m_lFields = p_lFields;

    public List<Field> getFields()
        return m_lFields;

    public void onButtonRemoveFieldClick(final Field p_oField)

    public void onButtonAddFieldClick(AjaxBehaviorEvent p_oEvent)
        m_lFields.add(new Field());

However, when I change the button in my form to p:commandButton then my logic does not work anymore.

However, i want to use these types of Buttons. Therefore, how can I use this type of button?

I really appreciate your answer!!!

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You change to a <p:commandButton/> and still keep the <f:ajax/>? That's not going to work, they're not meant for each other XD. – kolossus Jun 5 '13 at 13:04
@kolossus is there a workaround for this problem? – maximus Jun 5 '13 at 14:04
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Well if you want to use an other component library like Primefaces then the components can be different the the others. So if you take a look in the primefaces showcase at commandbutton you see how you can easly make a Ajax call at your bean ( So in your case changes two things your bean and your page. Lets start with the page:

<p:commandButton value="Ajax Submit" update="tblFields" id="ajax"  
         actionListener="#{templateOptionBean.onButtonAddFieldClick}" />

With primefaces you don't need the f:ajax you can directly use it in your command button.

In your bean change the onButtonAddFieldClick method. Primefaces is firing a javax.faces.event.ActionEvent (See showcase) So change it like this:

public void onButtonAddFieldClick(ActionEvent  p_oEvent)
    m_lFields.add(new Field());

And voilla it works with the p:commandButton

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