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I've got a bit of a jQuery intensive user experience. I'm having an issue in making sure a certain dialog box opens only when the click target is one item but not another.

Basically, I want the "edit text" dialog to show up only when the user clicks on a div with class .textbox (which happens to be in #content div), but not when the user clicks on a part of the instantiated tinyMCE instance (such as its options etc). I've set up tinyMCE so that when activated, the toolbar appears in #externalToolbarWrapper.

This is my code:

    // check if the click's target element is parented by a textbox or mceLayout.
    var $etextbox = $(e.target).closest('.textbox');
    var $etoolbar = $(e.target).closest('.mceLayout');

if($etextbox.length==1 && $etoolbar.length == 0) // only the text parent and not toolbar is clicked

However, using this code, doStuff is triggered even when the click was made outside the content box, and on a part of the TinyMCE toolbar (such as to change a font or size). So I tried adding a few more possibilities:

    var $eformat = $(e.target).closest('#externalToolbarWrapper');
    var $econtent = $(e.target).closest('#content');

And then I output in the console:

console.log("textbox: " + $etextbox.length);
console.log("etoolbar: " + $etoolbar.length);
console.log("eformat: " + $eformat.length);
console.log("econtent: " + $econtent.length);

But after a click on the TinyMCE toolbar, I get the following results:

etextbox: 0 
etoolbar: 0 
emenu: 0 
eformat: 0 
econtent: 1 

and I tried an additional check:

if($etextbox.length==1 && $etoolbar.length == 0 && $etoolbar.length==0 && $eformat.length==0)

but even when the click takes place outside the content div and on the toolbar, it's still counted and so doStuff() always triggers. So apparently none of the conditions I tried help to ever detect that the click was made on a TinyMCE toolbar and not on a textbox.

How can I make sure the click only triggers my function when the click is directly on the textbox div, and not otherwise?

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This is due to event propagation and buble up..u hv to cancel those.. –  Rinku Jun 5 '13 at 12:29
I tried e.stopPropagation(); but then nothing works at all! Where should I add it so that doStuff() gets called but not on the TinyMCE toolbar? @Thariama do you have any clue? –  user961627 Jun 5 '13 at 15:49
did you check the target on the click event? the first parameter on the click event function holds the event object. console.log that and see if it is different when you click a tiny-element and the textbox –  rednaw Jun 5 '13 at 16:02

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In the end I solved this problem simply by checking the e.pageX and e.pageY coordinates and making sure they weren't within the #content div. So if the click was outside the content, it didn't trigger doStuff().

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