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I tested with Python 2.6 or 2.7 with Django 1.5.1. My database is on MySQL 5.0. I've created the settings but now I can't run "inspectdb" on the database. I get

DatabaseError: (1146, "Table 'db1.tableName' doesn't exist")

This happens on a table which has a foreign key referencing a table in another DB. So it should not be db1 there since tableName lives in db2. I saw references to this bug from 5 years ago:


But the patch is outdated by now and I figured it must have been finished in a later release. Is it something wrong with my setup?

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Unfortunately, Django still does not currently does not support this feature.

Cross-database relations:

Django doesn’t currently provide any support for foreign key or many-to-many relationships spanning multiple databases. If you have used a router to partition models to different databases, any foreign key and many-to-many relationships defined by those models must be internal to a single database.

However, a fix could be found on this patch here

Basically, updating the router settings self.rel.to

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