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This is a simple question, i couldn't find anything but, is there a way to name your xib files so that ios knows to take one xib file over another depending on the version. if you want to take a xib file for a class you name the xib file the same as the class Ex: ViewController.m ViewController.xib

if you want to specify iphone or ipad you apply a tilde iphone/ipad EX: ViewController~iphone.xib ViewController~ipad.xib

so restating the question, Is there a naming convention for ios 5.X and ios 6.X difference or no?

I ask this because ios 6.0 has some nice features regarding NSLayOutConstraints and attributed labels that i want to utilize but are not supported by one build. I ended up disabling auto layout and not using the attributed labels, just so i could have 1 code base and time was factor.

Granted I know i can do

if (mainWindow.frame.size.height == 568) {
   [[UIViewController alloc] initWithNib@"xibname"];

and i know i could make a class to take an NSString and create the proper string for the xib file depending on the screen size, but if i can fore go these methods and use something built in then that would be better.

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You should just make you nibs grow with the size of the screen, that you will not need to for different nibs. You can autoresizingMask of UIView for this so there is not need for the iOS6 only Autolayout. –  rckoenes Jun 5 '13 at 14:09
what about the NSAttributedStrings that are supported in the ios 6.0 and not ios 5.X err that is to say not implemented so easily.... because my over all problem is i need text ot be bold, and 3rd party frameworks are discoloring the text which is un wated so i use some complicated code of taking the size of the text and resizing the area based on that size... but i get some off sets that are not wanted..... and simply all of that is fixed automatically in ios 6.0 XD –  A'sa Dickens Jun 7 '13 at 20:47

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+ (NSString *)getNibNameForName:(NSString *)name {
    if (IsiPhone4Inch) {
        NSString *possibleNibName = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@_iPhone4Inch", name];
        if ([[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:possibleNibName ofType:@"nib"] != nil) {
            return possibleNibName;

    return [NSString stringWithFormat:IS_IPAD ? @"%@_iPad":@"%@", name];
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as ios will not pic the right nib file automatically...u can use any extension and can load nib using similar method shown above –  Alok Singh Jun 5 '13 at 14:20

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