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Oracle: 11g OS: Linux

I have this very tricky questions which I am trying to solve but not able to get definite answers... I did search on google...etc but not luck with my requirement...

Schema statistics are not reliable so want to query dba_tables.. also don't wan't to create any procedures or functions under database.. just trying to achieve with simple sql.

Q. How to spool all table row count of a particular schema and also display table_name?

A. I can display count easily in spool but not able to get table name beside count.. e.g. Table_Name Count tab1 200 tab2 500 tab3 300

with below I can get count but not able to figure out table_name display in result...

spool runme.sql

select 'select count(*) from '|| owner || '.' || table_name || ';' 
from dba_tables
where owner = 'user1'
order by table_name;

spool off
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You can use a function like this, but it will be very slow:

create or replace
function get_rows( p_tname in varchar2 ) return number
    l_columnValue    number default NULL;
    execute immediate
       'select count(*)
          from ' || p_tname INTO l_columnValue;

    return l_columnValue;

select user, table_name,
       get_rows( user||'.'||table_name) cnt
  from user_tables

Code taken from this answer on Tom Kyte's site:


Without a function call it is also possible:

         dbms_xmlgen.getxml('select count(*) c from '||table_name))
,'/ROWSET/ROW/C')) count
from user_tables;

From the tip here:


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