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When I look up the specs of GeoJson I see that circles are supported:

When I try out the code in geojsonlint ( however, it gives me an error.


"type": "Circle",
"coordinates": [4.884, 52.353],
"radius": 200


"Circle" is not a valid GeoJSON type. 

I want to show different places of interests with a range of influence on a map by using d3. It needs GeoJson for input but it is true that circles are not supported with GeoJson?

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You caould override L.Circle.toGeoJSON() to add additional properties to indicate that the Point should be represented as a circle: Although it isn't standard, it gives you the metadata to know to represent as a circle. – Mads Hansen Jan 7 '15 at 20:59
Ah yes, but that will be solved by using the Leaflet api. This would work but you would not be using geojson per se, you would be using the functionality that leaflet gives you. D3 would offer a similar solution that is independent of the mapping library that you use. – cantdutchthis Jan 8 '15 at 9:44
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When I look up the specs of GeoJson I see that circles are supported

They aren't. Seems you managed to find some fake or incorrect specs. Go to to find the specs, there's nothing about circles.

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