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I am new to python. I have installed python 2.6(32 bit) and all the extension libraries of 32 bit. And when I try to use pyinstaller for building 32 bit exe, it fails to recognize pywin.

I also have 64 bit version of python and its extension libraries installed on my machine.

I have modified PYTHONPATH and environment variable PATH to point to 32 bit version of python and extension libraries.

I even tried using py2exe but it fails to recognize .egg files. I have successfully built 64 bit executable using pyinstaller.

Can a 32 bit executable be built from a 64 bit machine. If so what is the procedure i need to follow.

Thanks in advance.

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I believe if you only have a 32 bit python installation on your system it produces 32 bit executables. This may not be true, however, as I have not actually checked whether my executables are 32 bit or not. –  someone-or-other Apr 18 at 3:56
I just checked and they are all 32 bit executables... Even the ones I have made more recently, after I had installed a 64 bit distribution of python (with a different name under the path). However, this may be because I have a 32 bit distribution of pyinstaller itself. If it is possible, try getting two different distributions of pyinstaller and see how that works. This is a messy solution, however, and I find it likely that the 64 bit version would include support for 32 bit executables for the sake of compatibility. –  someone-or-other Apr 18 at 4:16

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