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I work with symbolic toolbox, and here is my code:

syms x h

and the result is :

ans = piecewise([h in R_, Inf], [0 < sign(Im(h)) and h in R_, Inf + i*Inf], [sign(Im(h)) < 0 and h in R_, Inf - i*Inf])

the answer I calculated was:1/3-0.5*h+1/6*h^3

and I want to get this answer using MATLAB

Are there some way to get it?

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Either your calculation is wrong or you've typed something incorrectly above. That integral does not converge on [-Inf Inf]. Mathematica confirms this. You should also tell the int function which variable you'd like to integrate with respect to, i.e., int(g,x,-inf,inf). If you know anything about x and/or h (e.g., > 0, Real, etc.) you should use assume to help the Symbolic Toolbox solve such equations. –  horchler Jun 5 '13 at 15:17
Try int(g,x) - that gives you x^3/3 + (- h/2 - 1)*x^2 + (h + 1)*x. And then figure out how that function behaves. –  Schorsch Jun 5 '13 at 15:23

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