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Trying in vain to access the Directory API in the Google Admin SDK (Reference). Upgrading the "google-api-python-client" package doesn't resolve it, as the Downloads > Installation > Python link instructs.

I also don't see in the documentation where it lists the programmatic name of the API, so I'm assuming it's "directory", but have also tried "directory.admin" and "" I get the following exception when I try to run my test code:

apiclient.errors.UnknownApiNameOrVersion: name: directory  version: v1 

Could someone please assist with what I may be overlooking? Unfortunately, the "Quickstart" that provides the shell to access the API seems to be broken (Reference). When I select Python > Command-Line > Configure Project, I get an error that states "Sorry, unable to configure a project right now."

Here's the pertinent piece of code I'm using in my custom Directory library class:

class Directory(object):
    def __init__(self, httpConnection):
        self.service = build('directory', 'v1', http=httpConnection)

Is this just a case of no client library being available yet for the API? If so, when might that be available?

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There's an issue where this new API isn't appearing in the list of supported APIs, but it is indeed there, you can access it from:

service = build('admin', 'directory_v1')
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Thanks, Joe! That did the trick. (Just needed to add the Customer ID to get the Users list() API call to work.) – Daniel Wren Jun 6 '13 at 18:29

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