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I've inherited a project, I haven't touched mime types many times before, so I'm a bit confused here... Could anybody explain the difference between the following:

  • MIME::Type
  • MIME::Types
  • Mime::Type

All of them are used in the application. In initialisers there is a file mime_types.rb with a comment saying that registering a new type should be simple. I had to add a 'psd' file type for upload, so it should work with something like:

Mime::Type.register "image/psd", :psd

Unfortunately in the upload functions, allowed types are checked using MIME::Types, so :psd wasn't available until I did the following:

psd_mime_type = MIME::Type.new('image/psd') do |t|
  t.extensions  = %w(psd)

MIME::Types.add psd_mime_type

Is this a correct usage? How one should deal with mime types check and addition of new file types for the upload?

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1- Mime types in rails is when you want to do operation with specific value like time or whatever you should define it with any method where you are needed.

format.ics { render :text => post.to_ics, :mime_type => Mime::Type["text/calendar"]  }

this article gives you better solution.


2- MIME is a type of mail extension to handle smtp or http requests... :)

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