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I'm working on an OS X app for a client that will be distributed via plain old download -- no App Store availability (at least initially). I'm learning Apple's certificate process and trying to navigate the complexity, but it's not pretty. The client has a developer account primarily for branding reasons, but will have nothing to do with the actual build/distribution of the app. My machine, for now, is the machine that will build the app for distribution.

What do I need to have/do to build the app on my machine using a certificate that is signed for them? Is it as simple as creating a distribution certificate using a CSR for my build machine (and potentially others if other developers start running builds as well)?

I'm definitely lacking a clear picture of all of the moving parts of Apple's certification process.

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If I understand it correctly (I am also confused by some parts of the signing and deployment process) it is still not possible to create deployment related certificates if you are not the Team Agent in the developer portal. (Even if your client is enrolled as organization and has assigned you the Admin role:https://developer.apple.com/programs/roles/)

The easiest solution would be if your client hands out the log-in credentials for the dev portal as this would allow you to use Xcode's Organizer window for all signing and deployment steps.

If this is not possible, you should be able to manually import the developer profile data (including the private keys) from your client. Apple has a Best Practices section in the App Distribution Guide.

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This is fairly maddening. I feel pretty lost in all of this. – Rob Wilkerson Jun 7 '13 at 16:45
Signing and Provisioning are not as straightforward as they should be. But the Best Practices Guide I linked above is really a good starting point. You could tell your client that you need an exported Developer Profile. (Instructions in the link above). After you have imported that profile using Xcode's Organizer you need to choose the Signing Identity in your projects build settings. After that you can deploy the app via "Product" -> "Archive". The resulting archive shows up in the Xcode Organizer where you can deploy it via "Distribute..." -> "Developer ID". – Thomas Zoechling Jun 7 '13 at 18:13

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