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I launched my program in foreground ( a deamon program). and then I killed it with kill -9 but I get a zombie remaining and I m not able to kill it with kill -9. How to kill a zombie process?

If the zombie is a dead process (already killed), how I remove it from the output of ps aux?

root@OpenWrt:~# anyprogramd &
root@OpenWrt:~# ps aux | grep anyprogram
 1163 root      2552 S    anyprogramd
 1167 root      2552 S    anyprogramd
 1169 root      2552 S    anyprogramd
 1170 root      2552 S    anyprogramd
10101 root       944 S    grep anyprogram
root@OpenWrt:~# pidof anyprogramd
1170 1169 1167 1163
root@OpenWrt:~# kill -9 1170 1169 1167 1163
root@OpenWrt:~# ps aux |grep anyprogram
 1163 root         0 Z    [cwmpd]
root@OpenWrt:~# kill -9 1163
root@OpenWrt:~# ps aux |grep anyprogram
 1163 root         0 Z    [cwmpd]
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What does ps -o ppid 1163 say? That is, who is 1163's parent? That is the process that must be terminated. –  William Pursell Jun 5 '13 at 16:21

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A zombie is already dead, so you cannot kill it. To clean up a zombie, it must be waited on by its parent, so killing the parent should work to eliminate the zombie. (After the parent dies, the zombie will be inherited by init, which will wait on it and clear its entry in the process table.) If your daemon is spwaning children that become zombies, you have a bug. Your daemon should notice when its children die and wait on them to determine their exit status.

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If the zombie is a dead process (already killed), how I remove it from the output of ps aux? –  MOHAMED Jun 5 '13 at 16:19
The zombie must be waited on by its parent. Find its parent and figure out why that parent is not paying attention to its children, then file a complaint with social services. ;) –  William Pursell Jun 5 '13 at 16:22
If your demon is spawning children that become zombies, quite satanic! (Intentional misspelling is intentional) –  Shahbaz May 22 at 14:28

You can kill a zombie process with the following command:

kill -HUP $(ps -A -ostat,ppid | grep -e '[zZ]'| awk '{ print $2 }')
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This worked for me. It's basically the same as Mohammad Rafiee's solution, but presented in one simple line. –  Richard Morgan Apr 10 at 13:45
This command clears the zombie from the process table, but it does not 'kill' the zombie. The zombie is already dead. –  William Pursell Jul 24 at 12:45
The grep is not necessary. ps ... | awk '/[zZ]/{print $2}' –  William Pursell Jul 24 at 12:48

I tried:

ps aux | grep -w Z   # returns the zombies pid
ps o ppid {returned pid from previous command}   # returns the parent
kill -1 {the parent id from previous command}

this will work :)

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Didn't work for me. –  Jeff Welling Sep 28 '13 at 2:57
im my case the zombie was creating via a start-up script and a program which was not clearly removed so I cleared it . –  Mohammad Rafiee Oct 6 '13 at 5:49
Worked for me. This will work in certain cases when the defunct process was spawned by anther killed process. –  Eric S. Bullington Jan 30 at 13:30

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