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Is it possible to add mouse events to a shape mask? I have the mask working, and have animated it in other tests. But now I want to know if masks can be clicked and dragged.

You can see the example here: http://www.webnamehere.com/mask/mask.html

And although Easeljs never never seems to work in jsFiddle, you can also see the code here: http://jsfiddle.net/8kbu3/1/

var circle = new createjs.Shape();
var Galaxy;
$(document).ready(function() {

canvasWidth = "1024px";
canvasHeight = "768px";
stage = new createjs.Stage('demoCanvas');
$("#demoCanvas").attr({width:canvasWidth, height:canvasHeight});

    Galaxy = new Image();
    Galaxy.src = "images/galaxy.jpg";
    Galaxy.onload = handleImageLoad;    

function handleImageLoad() {
    GalaxyBitmap = new createjs.Bitmap(Galaxy);
    GalaxyBitmap.x = 0;
    GalaxyBitmap.y = 0;

    containerGalaxy = new createjs.Container();
    containerGalaxy.x = 0;
    containerGalaxy.y = 0;

    circle = new createjs.Shape();
    containerGalaxy.mask = circle;

circle.onClick = function(evt){
    alert('what the F?');

circle.onPress = function(evt){
    var offset = {x:circle.x-evt.stageX, y:circle.y-evt.stageY};
        evt.onMouseMove = function(ev) {
            circle.x = ev.stageX+offset.x;
            circle.y = ev.stageY+offset.y;
            console.log("circle X: " + circle.x + " | Y: " + circle.y);


Thanks guys

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To receive an click-event you have to add the circle to the stage (stage.addChild(circle)) or to a child of the stage, even if it acts as a mask - in your case it might be better to take a transparent dummy-object as the click-listener.

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This answer is correct. I answered this on the EaselJS community site here, including a modified example.community.createjs.com/discussions/createjs/… –  Lanny Jun 6 '13 at 15:01

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