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I am new to App Engine and am trying to write an application which will access Google Calendar to get details of any events for the current time. I am struggling to see how the authentication should work to permit access to Calendar. I believe OAuth2 is the preferred authentication option so I have a client_secrets.json file with the ClientID and Client Secret from an API Access project I have separately created:


This was a direct export from the API Access project using the 'Download JSON' option. When I deploy my app engine application I get an error:

Error: redirect_uri_mismatch
The redirect URI in the request: http://myapp.appspot.com/oauth2callback did not match a registered redirect URI
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Request Details

It all looks fine to me so I am not sure what the error is telling me. Do I need link the App Engine application to the API Access project in some way. Am I missing something else fundamental.

If there is any additional information which will help you understand the set up please let me know. I wanted to keep the post small.

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There's a comment here that says:

When you created your credentials, you probably indicated that the client credentials you were creating were for a web application instead of an installed application. When you do that, you enter a Redirect URI for that set of credentials. The sample you are using is using the out of band Redirect URI for installed applications which does not match the one you specified, so it will not allow you to compete the authentication flow. This is to protect you from malicious use of your client credentials. Open the APIs console and create a new client ID for "installed applications" instead of "web applications" and this should work.

Did you set up a web application or an installed application?

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I am trying to set up for a web application running on Google App Engine. Is something still wrong for a web application? Thanks James –  James Jun 7 '13 at 15:42

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