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My question is, what this function XGpio_SetDataDirection does, en C. For example XGpio_SetDataDirection (&gp_out, 1, 0x00) ?

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With the object &gp_out, I access the device, (The Leds) and what does the other values? –  SARA Jun 5 '13 at 17:39

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You can find/generate Microblaze drivers' API documentation right from your design. E.g. in Xilinx Platform Studio right clicking on Microblaze core should bring you menu item Driver / View API Documentation. From there you can navigate to xgpio driver and for XGpio_SetDataDirection you should see something like this:

void XGpio_SetDataDirection (XGpio *      InstancePtr,
                             unsigned     Channel,
                             u32          DirectionMask

Set the input/output direction of all discrete signals for the specified GPIO channel.


  • InstancePtr is a pointer to an XGpio instance to be worked on.
  • Channel contains the channel of the GPIO (1 or 2) to operate on.
  • DirectionMask is a bitmask specifying which discretes are input and which are output. Bits set to 0 are output and bits set to 1 are input.

Returns: None.

Note: The hardware must be built for dual channels if this function is used with any channel other than 1. If it is not, this function will assert.

So in your case XGpio_SetDataDirection (&gp_out, 1, 0x00) will set GPIO ports (with your LEDs) as output for your Microblaze CPU core.

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