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I have the following directive

courseApp.directive("courseoverview", function() { 
    function link(scope, element, attrs) {
        scope.switched = false;
        //hover handler
        scope.hoverItem = function(hovered){
        if (hovered) {
            $('#course-'+ scope.$index  +' figure').addClass('tint');
            $('#course-'+ scope.$index  +' figure').removeClass('tint');
    return {    
      restrict : 'A',    
      replace: true,   
      transclude: true,    
      templateUrl: "views/course-overview.html",
      link: link

The directive is called with the following code

<li data-ng-repeat="item in social" class="social-{{item.name}}" 

The hover function works great but i need access to this attribute in the directive, well i need the value of it.

Any ideas on how to achieve this would be great.

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1 Answer

First, your directive is named 'courseoverview' but I don't see that attribute anywhere in the markup you provided.

To address your question, you say I need access to this attribute in the directive. But I think you have the attributes in the link function - see the attrs parameter. Those are the attributes on the element that fired your directive.

 function link(scope, element, attrs) { ... } 

See this answer for more.

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