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I recently heard about the new "Mobile Backend Starter" template for Google App Engine presented in a talk at this year's Google I/O. Even if it doesn't perfectly fit my needs, it made me think about whether I could use it in my Android app:

My app currently displays information schedule changes at my school. This information is fetched from an HTML page on the school's server and parsed locally using Jsoup, which takes quite long. On top of that, it needs to update frequently in the background to be able to display a notification when changes occur (the HTML page is updated multiple times a day, but at varying times).

So to make this app more efficient, I thought I could fetch the data frequently on an App Engine Server, parse it there if it changed and notify the app via Google Cloud Messaging when there are changes for the particular class the user selected, so that the app can fetch the already parsed data from the App Engine Server. After some research I did, this refreshing would have to be done in a Cron Job, and then I could save the parsed data to the datastore, like the Guestbook messages in the Mobile Backend Starter template.

My Questions:

1.: Am I able to use Jsoup in the Google App Engine? Or what method for HTML parsing would you recommend?

2.: How can I add this functionality of recurringly downloading and parsing data and saving it to the datastore to the Mobile Backend Starter? I already downloaded the backend sourcecode, but didn't find out how the data is saved as I'm completely new to App Engine development.

3.: How many users and what refresh frequency could this app approximately handle without going above the limits that are available in the App Engine for free?

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