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I currently have a key/value table in my rails application and I am trying to export all the rows in a key => value array format when I ask for the JSON format.

The closest I can get is

    navigationBarColor: "#E31937"
    navigationBarImage: "Background-NavBar"

But I would only like to get an array of key/value pair, not an object for each. I was looking for something like


My table only has a key and a value column, both in varchar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Update: My serializable_hash looks like this now:

def serializable_hash()
    {key => value}
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You're looking for a :reduce via :merge.

> rows = [{ navigationBarColor: "#E31937" }, { navigationBarImage: "Background-NavBar" }]
=> [{:navigationBarColor=>"#E31937"}, {:navigationBarImage=>"Background-NavBar"}]

> rows.reduce(&:merge!)
=> {:navigationBarColor=>"#E31937", :navigationBarImage=>"Background-NavBar"}

> puts rows.reduce(&:merge!).to_json
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Thanks for your answer ! I replaced my serializable_hash with {key => value}.reduce(&:merge!).to_json and now I am getting something like this: It is very close, I am probably missing something small here – Pierre-Olivier Jun 6 '13 at 15:38
My example works if you change your :serializable_hash back to the previous implementation and then merge/reduce that array of single-element hashes. You can also try{ |el| { el.key => el.value } }.reduce(&:merge!).to_json. – Daniel J. Pritchett Jun 6 '13 at 15:42

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