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I don't want to use ValidationMessages.properties to hold the messages for my app. I want to use what everything else uses: LabelNames.properties.

Any way that can be done?

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It is possible. You can use ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator and its bundle locator API. A custom bundle name can be specified like:

Validator validator = 
         new ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator(
            new PlatformResourceBundleLocator( "LabelNames" )))
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Where do I put this? Can I put this in a startup class or am I misunderstanding something? I am using Spring MVC so I don't use the Validator object... –  markthegrea Jun 5 '13 at 20:19

When working with Spring, refer from LocalValidatorFactoryBean to a MessageSource for the required bundle as described in this answer.

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