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I want to record user Video with Webcam and save the recorded video to Server, using Ruby On Rails, which should work in all browsers .I have tried the below approaches, which did not solve my problem.

  1. http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/getusermedia/intro/ - tried and not able to play / save the recorded video
  2. http://www.xarg.org/project/jquery-webcam-plugin/ - verified and does not seem to support video recording.
  3. http://nimbb.com/ - is a paid one

Please let me know, if any body has a standard solution for this (which works in All / Most of the browsers, preferably an open source).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!

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Hey! Did you get an answer? I am struggling with the same problem.. –  Peeyush Feb 15 '14 at 6:55
No Peeyush!! still couldn't find a stable solution. –  prem Feb 18 '14 at 6:15

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This is a pretty old question, but just came across it and thought I would at least offer a solution to all future visitors who stumble across this question:

The MediaStreamRecorder API is currently unimplemented in chrome, however some users have found alternative ways to get it working by stitching together .webp images into a .webm video. Now, it might not be the best idea to use that experiment, but other projects have taken that idea a lot farther by implementing a cross platform library that implements that idea (and other browser specific solution) of which the first is aptly called MediaStreamRecorder. Another option is RecordRTC which I have used myself in the past of which one advantage is that they have some specific server side Ruby code to get it working neatly (not that you need it if you want to do a simple upload, but sometimes you might want to do more than that).

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