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OK, in good old fashioned PHP MVC, I might use a model to hit the DB, send info to my PHP controller that I pass on to the View. In the View, I might take that info (say i ajax'ed my controller for the info) and create a table or ul to display the data returned.

I've had trouble finding any modern (ver 6.1 is what i'm on) tutorial to show me how to preform this action in typo3.

Can anyone just "steer" me in the right direction? Perhaps provide an example via answer, or some links to further information that may compare it down to "old fashioned MVC"?

Extension has been suggested, but I'd like to know the very base process of what I'm asking before I try writing some extension, unless the extension is the only way. Although, my table is now on the SAME DB my typo3 is on, so shouldn't there be some command to just simply call my table and get the rows? Maybe send them to a ###sub-part###?

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Just out of curiosity... what don't you understand about the backend layout that it gives you a headache? –  cascaval Jun 6 '13 at 6:54
@cascaval As I metnioned, (maybe I'm "too" ol' school) I'm used to straight php MVC. I've used things like Codeigniter as a "foundation" but I've never used anything as convoluted as this, except maybe Sharepoint (bleh!). It "appears" very "in order" and organizational, but it took me forever to figure out "where" to place and edit template files, I still don't know where I can do any PHP work (which would be way easier) and it seems to me all the tabs and menus are just shortcuts to what I've come to learn how to do in typo3 code on the template editing area. It's just plain confusing. –  SpYk3HH Jun 6 '13 at 12:19
@cascaval On top of all of that, there is NO documentation (in English) for the newer ver I'm expected to run and much of what I've tried from the old tutorials just doesn't work and makes me more confused and frustrated. I found API documentation, but half of it doesn't match up! some of it appears to be "php" coding references, but where in the world do you edit any php in this thing? a good portion of typo3 script I've found, seems to work, but I find nothing on reading a db table and putting the data on a "view", or as they call it, a template. Where is startup tut for MVC coders like me? –  SpYk3HH Jun 6 '13 at 12:24
try extension builder to get basic clue of what you can do. Your emotional post doesn't give me any information of, what you're dealing with: plugin's flexform, record editing or completely new BE module, so make more focus here. And, please, don't blame TYPO3 - it is not an easy one-day-to-learn system. If you "can code in several languages", it still doesn't mean, that you're able to understand new systems fast. –  Viktor Livakivskyi Jun 6 '13 at 13:49
@SpYk3HH: I thought you are unhappy about the backend GUI. If what confuses you is only "Where do I edit PHP?" then the answer is: Most of the time you don't because basic stuff like templating and loading of records from the database can be done using TypoScript only. –  cascaval Jun 6 '13 at 14:38

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You can use a typoscript cObj content and the select option together with the function render_obj when your table name is like the typo3 nameing convention. The select pulls the record from the table and pass it to the render_obj function. It's a function that can apply to all cObj and iterate over the entire selection. stdWrap works only on the entire cObj. When you need to work through each record you need the render_obj function. For example:

10 {
     select {
       pidInList = 1
       where = colpos=1
       orderBy = sorting
     table = tt_content
     renderObj.stdWrap.wrap = <li>|</li>  
     renderObj.stdWrap.required = 1
 10.stdWrap.wrap = <ul>|</ul> 

This gives you an unorderd list from the tt_content table with pid=1 and the content from the far left column.

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You realize this is in german, right? –  SpYk3HH Jun 6 '13 at 18:52
although i did pick up on this line # The table is read from (the only approved tables are "pages" or tables prefixed with "tt_", "tx_", "ttx_", "fe_" or "user_") . Is there a way to change this? So I can access a table I put on that same db? –  SpYk3HH Jun 6 '13 at 18:58
FYI, I didn't down-vote this, but I will upvote for now and get it back to 0 at least. Thanks for your help thus far. I opened it in Chrome and translated. It seems somewhat helpful, though I'm still testing. Again, thank you. –  SpYk3HH Jun 6 '13 at 19:33
another example would be great. What's confusing to me is the whole setup. Probably because I've been coding normal MVC for years now. When I want to get info from a database, I make a model PHP file to do so. When I want a Controller to work with a user end view, I make a Controller PHP file. When I want a view, I write an HTML PHP file. I manually move these files to desired locations and repeat as necessary. I don't get how Typo3 preforms. I don't understand how to do these simple task that are similar even in ASP.Net. Even Sharepoint is less complicated, it seems. –  SpYk3HH Jun 6 '13 at 20:06
Perhaps I'm just not getting the whole picture. I've read several starter tuts, a ton of documentation and API, and watched a dozen videos, and it still just doesn't make since to me. I really wish there was a good ver6+ [English] tutorial that would walk me from begining to end on how to make a full website, using a database , having dynamic parts, and having more than one "template". But I can't seem to find anything like that. –  SpYk3HH Jun 6 '13 at 20:08

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