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Couple questions on creating a mac installer.

1) Should any frameworks from /Developer/SDKs/ be included/packaged into the application file?

2) When we normally launch the executable we pass it an argument to point it at our servers, is there a way to encode this information into the Unix Executable File found in Contents/MacOS/?

Thanks for any help.

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1) No.

2) Yes.

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Based on the link you sent, that would create a environmental variable. What I am trying to achieve is similar to when you edit an executable in xcode, and you can specify "Arguments to be passed on launch" I want to be able to pass those arguments into the application when I run it from the Finder. Very similar to how in windows you create a shortcut that points to an exe file and give it various flags example (-S 123.134.543.143) – Allen Nov 8 '09 at 3:30
I figure out it out, if you create an shell script in the MacOS directory, to execute the actual executable with the correct parameters. – Allen Nov 8 '09 at 4:09

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