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How could I let SVN list all files which were ever committed to a repository (if possible, along with location and revision).

More exactly: I need all ever existed paths.

If someone knows how to do a fulltext search on the entire repository (including all revisions), this would help me even better.


Let's say I commit a file SomeFileOne.txt, later rename it to SomeFileTwo.txt.

After performing the required task (for which solution I'm looking for), I should get not only SomeFileTwo.txt, but also SomeFileOne.txt.

/trunk/SomeProject/SomeFileOne.txt - revision 100
/trunk/SomeProject/SomeFileTwo.txt - revision 101
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To me, svn log -v would have been a more intuitive method - or have you already tried that ? Is it possible to share the need for requiring such an extensive report on all the file commits ever made in the repository?

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great idea! works! –  java.is.for.desktop Nov 9 '09 at 21:19

Found out something by playing around.

A slow-and-dirty solution might be:

svnadmin dump MY_REPO | grep Node-path

Output looks like:

* Dumped revision 3039.
Node-path: trunk/proj1/src/p/keywords/main/NoOp.java
Node-path: trunk/proj1/src/p/keywords/main/ScopeDecl.java
* Dumped revision 3040.
Node-path: trunk/myCommons/src/i/IConverter.java
Node-path: trunk/myCommons/src/i/ListUtils.java
* Dumped revision 3041.
Node-path: trunk/proj1/src/p/execution/impl/IterativeExecuter.java
Node-path: trunk/proj1/src/p/keywords/DeclConstant.java

Well, at least it solves my problem.

NOTE: Dumped revision ... is shown, because it's stderr.

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Oh, stderr and stdout seems not to be synchronized. –  java.is.for.desktop Nov 8 '09 at 18:14

For an improved, structured output to svn log -v, use the following bash script:

$ svn log -v | egrep '^   A' | cut -c 6- | sort | uniq


  • fetch the whole svn log of the given path
  • select only lines starting with ' A', which is the svn log output for an added file.
  • cut away the first 5 chars, which is the mentioned add info
  • sort the output
  • remove duplicate lines (e.g. if a file was readded later)

This also works for subpaths of the checkout, you don't even need a checkout at all, if you provide the repository path:

$ svn log -v https://github.com/schacon/kidgloves/ | egrep '^   A' | cut -c 6- | sort | uniq


/branches/testing (from /trunk:17)

Right, the file list may not be perfect for automated processing yet, but it goes a long way from just the log output, if I may say so. Enjoy.

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If you just want to browse around you might get what you want with one of the svn web access tools. A roundup was written up over here.

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